Barely six months ago, Aquasure was quite prepared to burn 200,000 litres of dirty diesel fuel per day, and literally drive residents from their homes, in order to fulfil a politically-expedient and pointless water order.
Five years of preparations and $3 billion of our money were not sufficient to ensure its timely delivery. Blame is being attributed to a faulty power cable – which was designed, constructed and maintained by Aquasure.
We should be due for a large refund. The public/private partnership model used was supposed to protect us from such corporate incompetence. Perhaps, in the words of our premier – the contract is not worth the paper it is written on…
Strong capability and performance-validated – hardly!
Had the $30 million water cost been spent on rebuilding Wonthaggi Secondary College, generations of students and the long-suffering staff could be enjoying a world class educational experience.
A few maths classes and tax-deductible scholarships are an insultingly poor substitute.
The voluminous Environmental Effects Study asserted that the Bass Coast was unlikely to be important whale habitat.
Our question was – if all the experts could not see something as big as a whale, then what else had they missed?
We advised two federal environment ministers (Garrett and Burke), the head honchos of the financing banks (Westpac and NAB), and the EES panel – all to no avail. We even sent them photographs!
Mr Brassington has now admitted there are indeed many Humpbacks and Southern Rights.
All the experts were obviously wrong, so how can we now be reassured by his claims that there will be minimal environmental damage from the Great White Elephant?
To his credit, Greg Hunt was the only politician who took our concerns seriously.
Aquasure has never provided any evidence to back up their claims – our requests for transparent environmental monitoring remain unheeded. Aquasure’s latest attempt at creative writing reminds me of the old adage – you can’t polish a turd. You can cover it in glitter, but it will still smell like crap.
Mark Robertson, president, Watershed Victoria.