By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

FINALLY, on Sunday, after a couple of weeks of relentless wind and rain, the sun came out and the wind dropped considerably, especially compared to the day before. And some people actually went fishing! The same can’t be said for during the week where very few people were able to get their boats out, and any reports that came into the shop were from land based customers. Most of the land based reports at the moment are of salmon or Calamari, and not many people are targeting anything else just yet. Either way, to fill the report this week with catches is a real struggle. There are fish being caught, as there always are, but short of making up catches it’s going to be a short one. A customer summed it up perfectly on Sunday morning when he said that things were so bad he is struggling to even catch draughtboard sharks.
The only boating reports we had this week came from our kayak customers that have been able to find that quieter spot out of the wind. Most of them have been chasing calamari or whiting, and while the whiting has been a struggle several found good numbers of calamari. One of the better spots was out from the beach in Cleeland Bight, heading towards the entrance, and even just past the quarry rocks in the bay near Gull Island. The sizes of the calamari were good and were big enough to keep the hoods for a meal and the heads for bait. All the calamari reported from the kayaks were caught on artificial jigs and a mixture of colours. I was told that only a few were caught from Ventnor which would have had more to do with the strong northerly winds than anything else. Very few calamari reports came from the jetties and the only other reports were from the beach fishermen in Cleeland Bight, but you could almost count them on one hand.
Salmon weren’t all that different and those who managed to catch them didn’t need a lot of help to carry their catch back to the car. I had several reports from customers telling me they were catching a lot of very small, and even undersize, salmon. Those who reported reasonable salmon said they were catching very small ones then a larger one came along, but only one, and then the smaller ones disappeared. Every report that came into the shop was from just before high tide and the bites were even stopping up to an hour before the tide change. The high tides later on saw a few fish being caught off the rock wall behind San Remo in two spots: the end of the wall and about halfway along the wall. The ones at the end of the wall were caught on a mixture of baits and lures and halfway along with lures as the rocky ground makes bait fishing difficult. Other reports came from the usual spots, Woolamai and Kilcunda with one of the better spots at Forest Caves.