As if to play out in a comedy, Brian said “there’s no pleasing some people”.
Our ever vacant secluded little foreshore is overrun with oppressive types that oppose the beautiful scene that only a few ever have the opportunity to experience.
The oppressive types were displeased with Bass Coast Shire Council decisions to implement a paid permit system that would see kids’ dreams smashed.
The day after BCSC moved the motion to restrict and blame the kiddies for riding their beloved unicorns on the foreshore. The oppressors have chosen to hurt our outdoor activities in a more dramatic venture.
Straight to the Legislative Council they go!
Ban the fun, ban the horses on our little 925m stretch of ever vacant foreshore that abuts a council-owned wetland section and private rural land zoned non-residential, ‘Rural Activity’ section.
That’s ok, in an endeavour to keep our foreshore everybody friendly we too have a counter ePetition –
Katie McDowall.