As the owner of three indoor cats, I applaud the introduction of a cat curfew.
For it to work, the focus must be placed equally on the owners of cats as well as the feral cat problem.
Cr Jeremy Rich’s comment that feral cats are the problem, not domestic cats shows that people may not be aware that a definition of feral is domestic gone wild.
The first feral cats would once have been domestic cats.
While I acknowledge that farm cats are a resource, they must also be managed. Endless litters are not necessary and de-sexing should also be required to control the farm population.
I have a Catnip cat run which I bought about 15 years ago while living next to a national park in Sydney.
One of my cats is a former feral that came out of that national park as a kitten, 12 years ago, and she has settled quite well into her new environment.
Cats do not need to roam, they just need space to wander, warmth and regular food.
Cat park options do not need to be expensive. Check out the Catnip website for an option that would suit your requirements.
Just remember, cats do not pack their bags and move to the bush.
They are either dumped, maltreated or deserted by humans.
Get your cats de-sexed and control their movements. It is also essential that the council strictly enforce the rules and that control is done humanely.
Pamela Jacka, Wonthaggi.