BASS Coast residents are being encouraged to hand-in firearms as part of a National Firearms Amnesty.
The three-month amnesty ending in September allows people to drop off their unregistered or disused firearms at their local police station.
Police say no questions are asked, whether they’re unregistered or otherwise.
“Sometimes it’s people who’ve cleaned up a shed or grandad’s passed on and family are going through a house and they find a firearm,” said Wonthaggi Police Station Sergeant Rob Hardy.
“We want to try and get unregistered firearms off the streets and the amnesty reduces the amount of unregistered firearms in the community.”
During the amnesty, police won’t prosecute anyone who surrenders unregistered firearms, home-made weapons, cartridge ammunition, imitation firearms or weapons.
Sgt Hardy said people don’t necessarily have to call the police station before dropping off the firearms.
“It can look a bit odd on the cameras when someone’s coming in with a gun, but that’s what it’s for,” he said.
“People can call if they feel more comfortable, but you don’t have to.
“If you don’t want the firearms, you can drop them off, no questions asked.”
He recommended people wrap the firearm in a blanket or bag, or in a case when dropping the firearm off.
“Everyone’s been pretty good about it, a few people are dropping them off with their case,” Sgt Hardy said.
While police do collect details about firearms surrendered, people who surrendered the firearms won’t be identified. All firearms will be destroyed.
People caught with an unregistered longarm or general category handgun can be fined up to $190,284 or face up to 10 years in jail.
If you have the correct firearms licence, it costs $9.20 to register a longarm and $51 to register a handgun.
The National Firearms Amnesty runs from July 1 to September 30.