REHEARSALS for Wonthaggi Theatrical Group’s production of Chicago are well underway as the first show kicks off in less than two weeks.

The cast has been working tirelessly over the past two months on the group’s latest production and the cast members are looking forward to their first show on Saturday, August 19.

Communications officer by day and actress by night, Nina Barry-Macaulay plays Roxie Hart, a murderess.

Roxie’s childhood dream is to go to Vaudeville, but along the way she has an altercation with her husband and kills him. She gets sent to Cook County Jail and is put on death row.

It’s a similar situation for Velma Kelly, played by Bronwyn Kalos.

“The press, back in the time, played a funny part in it. They framed them as celebrities,” Nina said.

“They really played on their traits as females, and played up that celebrity status and used it to try and get off the hook,” Nina said.

Roxie gets a taste of what it’s like to be a star, but Velma Kelly goes on trial and everyone forgets about Roxie.

The murderess says it’s been fun portraying Roxie and there’s a lot of depth to her character.

“She’s not ditzy, but she’s very manipulative, and she’s not incredibly educated, so she’s super fun to play,” Nina said.

The cast has had eight weeks to learn their lines and Nina says it’s been pretty “fast and furious”.

“We’ve been jamming everything into that really short period. But we’ve been able to do that because we’ve got an amazingly dedicated creative team, and all of the cast are just very experienced.

“Everybody is just so focused and reliable and excited, it’s worked really well.”

As for the funniest moment so far, Nina says there’s too been too many to name. “They just happen so regularly, this always happens with this. The nature of the beast of putting on a show is you become a bit of a family,” Nina said.

“But I think because the size of this cast, and we’re all at a reasonably similar age, we’re all at a reasonably similar level of experience, we’ve got this shared passion of theatre already.

“A lot of us have done shows together before, so it feels like it’s even more of a family than my experience has been with other shows.”

Chicago tickets can be purchased online at or in the foyer at the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre from 10am to 2pm, Tuesday to Friday.