BUYING your first home can be a daunting experience for any young person to deal with.
Dealing with banks and real estate agents can sometimes be a confusing task, but with the help of locally-based Lynda Sainsbury and LS Finance Broking you will be helped through the house buying process by an experienced and friendly broker.
“I like to make clients feel relaxed and at ease. This is an exciting time for them and I hope I remove most of their stress.”
Lynda has 15 years of lending experience and loves to make her clients feel as comfortable as possible during the house buying process.
Appointments are often conducted in the client’s home at a time that suits them, creating a very informal atmosphere.
“I can generally judge fairly quickly if a proposed loan is going to be successful or not and will do all I can to assist them with a positive result.”
Lynda can also assist eligible clients to access government grants and other incentives offered to first home buyers.
“The new First Home Owners Grant payment of $20,000 is for first home buyers who buy a newly built home, choose to buy land and build a new home or purchase a house and land package in regional Victoria.
“There is a lot of confusion around the grant so it’s best to talk to a specialist such as myself. Looking up to get the full picture is another option but that can also be overwhelming for some.
“My services are totally free and I am more than happy to sit down with any prospective first home buyers to calculate their eligibility, help them with budgeting and setting them on the right path to get them into their home as soon as they can afford it.”