DAIRY producers looking to keep their production on track are being offered the use of a new system which could be worth thousands of dollars to their business.
Werribee and Leongatha-based Riverbank Stockfeeds is the first Australian company to use the Tracker milk prediction and monitoring system to assist customers in achieving profitable milk production throughout the season.
Used extensively in New Zealand and now also in the UK, Tracker helps dairy farmers identify opportunities to make improved margin over feed costs.
Tracker uses a farm’s calving pattern to generate a weekly prediction of litres, milk solids and milk components throughout the season.
The predictions not only set up a week by week target for the farm, but can also be used to analyse past production to find learning opportunities.
Consultant to Riverbank and Tracker developer James Hague explained.
“Typically farms that we have had on Tracker could achieve over $100,000 of extra income through adjustments in the diet and reductions in somatic cells,” James said.
“Most of this value can be regained through better digestion, but needs the right feed, fed to the right cows, at the right time. It is not necessarily more feed or more cost.”
One of the biggest shortfalls Tracker has identified has been in milk protein yield.
Milk protein is typically worth two and half to three times as much as milk fat, so strategies to maximise milk protein yield can be very valuable.
Tracker is part of a package of tools and support that Riverbank Stockfeeds has put in place through its Cow Care program to help customers get the most out of their inputs.
For a no obligation Tracker review, contact Glenn Beckett on 0488 625 306.