By Nathan Johnston

VICROADS staff want to assure local drivers that the centre barriers set to be installed in the realigned section of the South Gippsland Highway near Koonwarra will have safety benefits.
There’s concern in the community that wire rope barriers may in fact make the new road more dangerous, but that’s not so, according to VicRoads, who are considering a flexible centre barrier rather than the rope, as part of the plans.
Either way, any protection from oncoming traffic has to be a good thing.
It’s disturbing the number drivers you see these days with their eyes down, obviously checking their phones or texting.
It’s a rash generalisation, but drivers displaying P-plates are the most frequent offenders, however the problem is across the board – even truck drivers.
So if the warnings about driver distractions, as well as fatigue, aren’t getting through, centre barriers could save lives.
The barriers will be a small part of the massive $50 million project at Koonwarra that will eliminate the treacherous corners that have been the scene of many serious crashes.
VicRoads also announced changes to the traffic light signals in Leongatha which will reduce confusion and improve safety.
All that’s left now is to sort out the reconfigured intersection near the Leongatha court house which continues to baffle locals and tourists alike.