There has been some discussion, amongst smaller groups within the community, about the Bass Coast Shire Council’s decision to add yet another bin to the already existing two bins.
I wonder if the consultation process has included the elderly that are living on their own and those that are away from their holiday properties that may not use the bin, but yet have to pay the charge.
It should have been a choice rather than a forced decision.
If the council is that concerned about the future of our children and that committed to recycling, why not offer the service free to its ratepayers?
We need to be interested in the future of our children, but if the council has so much money to throw on more bins, how about investing it in proper shading over the parks so children can play at all times of the year or fix those potholes on the remote roads where they collect rates.
Besides, I imagine a lot of people are already recycling that stuff into their gardens and there is no way council can police the contents of the bins unless the garbage collectors are going to stick their neck into the bins.
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.