Reflective cones at the Wonthaggi Cemetery didn’t deter a motorist from driving on the grass between graves and getting bogged on the way back.

MOST drivers have been bogged before, but four youths who drove a car through the Wonthaggi Cemetery have left the area in a state of disarray.
It’s been labelled as vandalism by the Wonthaggi Cemetery Friends Group and member Noelene Lyons says it’s not the first time it’s happened.
“They’re just dipsticks,” she said.
“We’ve seen marks from people doing wheelies around a Pine Tree and others who’ve got themselves bogged,” she said.
Thousands of dollars were spent last year installing bollards elsewhere at the cemetery, preventing motorists from driving through the grass.
The group placed two giant reflective cones between graves in an attempt to prevent people driving through the cemetery off the gravel track.
“They’re idiots driving through the witches hats,” Ms Lyons said.
“We don’t want anyone driving through the grass, people are doing damage trying to get through,” Ms Lyons said.
“It (the grass area) will eventually be blocked off to cars. There’s a driveway to get them out there.”
The hole remaining at the 106-year-old cemetery is about a foot deep and Ms Lyons said the youths weren’t there visiting a grave.
“They’ve driven down, came back and when they came back with extra speed they got bogged. They buried themselves.”
The culprits posted about being bogged on Facebook, saying they had to stay overnight at the cemetery.
“Last year someone picked another area and we had to pay for bollards to be installed and you can’t do that until summer,” Ms Lyons said.
“It’s just plain vandalism. I want to ask why? Why did you do it?”
A sign has been put up where the driver was bogged, reading ‘This vandalism has been reported to council for rectification. Please do not enter’.
Vandalism at the Wonthaggi Cemetery should be reported to the Bass Coast Shire Council on 1300 226 278.