AN eight-year-old boy who saved his sister from drowning in Corinella was commended last week by Bass Coast Police.
Last October, siblings Riley, Blake and Indiana Eden were playing on the grass on a sunny day at the family’s Corinella property.
Four-year-old Indiana was playing around near a horse pool and fell in. Eight-year-old Riley made a split-second decision and jumped in after her.
Their parents heard screaming and ran to the pool, where eight-year-old Riley had dragged his little sister to the side of the tub, rescuing her from drowning.
Bass Coast youth resource officer Brendan Horrocks said it was instinctive for Riley to save his sister.
“The parents heard the screaming, but before they could get there, he’s jumped in and pulled her to the side,” he said.
“He must have thought, ‘I would die for my sister’.
“At eight, you’re not the strongest swimmer. Especially when you’re also pulling a four-year-old.”
As a reward for saving his sister’s life, Riley, alongside his siblings Blake and Indiana, skipped a few hours of school and got a tour of the Wonthaggi Police Station with parents Miranda and Shea.
The family even got a sneak peek of the station’s unmarked “spy car” and a morning tea with enough sugar to keep the kids going well into the night.
Riley was awarded with a certificate and medallion symbolising St Michael, the Patron Saint of Police Officers.
Father of three Shea Eden said he was very proud of Riley and his quick-thinking.
“He could have quite easily ran to get our help, but he just jumped in fully clothed.”
Shea and Miranda both agreed it was an act of courage from their eldest son.
“To think we’re so lucky, you hear about it happening on the news, we could’ve quite easily become one of those devastated families,” Shea said.
“As an adult, you understand the importance of having to think so quickly, but at eight, I don’t know that you do understand, but he must have understood he needed to jump in quickly.”