I felt mixed emotions as I put pen to paper to cast my vote on changing our Marriage Law to allow same-sex couples to marry.
It felt disrespectful and wrong to be placed in a position to judge whether or not fellow Australians should be offered what I take for granted as a basic right, the option to legally marry the person they love.
Whilst not belittling this issue, I am also disgusted at the abhorrent waste of time, money and talent spent on this plebiscite; resources that could have been directed far more efficiently within our community.
On the other hand, I voted with passion, with a genuine hope that my vote will contribute to equality for all Australians and a positive change in the lives of many.
Please do not over complicate this vote. We are not voting on whether or not same-sex couples can raise children or be a family.
Thankfully, this already can and does occur. Marriage is not a prerequisite to be a parent or to form a family.
Nor are we voting on same-sex couples being able to marry in a church.
The question is simply ‘Should the Marriage Law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’ For me, the answer is also simple, YES!
Lyn Corrigan, Koonwarra.