I’m not sure what’s been said previously in the Sentinel-Times pertaining to the same sex marriage issue but now we have the opportunity to vote, may I raise a few thoughts for consideration?
I believe there is a big difference between how we treat the individual LGBTQI person and lawmaking.
I believe this issue has the potential to affect not just the LGBTQI community but everybody.
And it’s not only about adult desire, but about children’s needs and rights and the family unit.
Marriage, as recognised for millennium across all cultures worldwide and recognised between two complementary opposite, male and female genders potentially give society stability and order. It also naturally produces human future life. It’s at this point a marriage is of civic and social interest.
Children have a right to both a mum and a dad. It’s integral to their sense of origin, self-worth and identity to know who both they’re parents are and fathers and mothers bring different essential aspects to parenting.
Same sex marriages cannot produce life naturally. It’s one thing to lose a father or mother through separation, divorce or death but to legislate same sex marriages that intentionally removes either biological parent is tragic and detrimental.
Same sex couples already have every legal protection and right that de-facto couples do such as property and custody rights and superannuation.
They already have legally recognised civil unions.
The only thing they don’t have is the word ‘Marriage’.
They also have equal opportunity to marry a person of the opposite sex as everybody else. They want special rights.
While the “love is love” slogan for SS marriage sounds wonderful it is lacking logically.
Does this mean that a brother and sister or an adult and child who feel they love each other should also be allowed to marry?
In countries where SS marriage has been legalised there is now the push to legalise polygamy and further to lower the age of consent so an adult may marry a minor.
If same sex marriage is legalised the freedoms of the general public to personally discriminate in their opinions and actions as well as providing services in business according to conscience will be put at risk.
Where SS marriage has been legalised overseas there have been cases where bakers and florists have been taken to court and adoption agencies have had to close because they have lost the choice to place children with heterosexual couples.
Helen Neumann, Warragul.