By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Stuart was going to head out in the boat but at the last minute change he headed to the Newhaven jetty and landed this quality 77cm

EVERY year the weather does this to us. It teases us with some fine days towards the end of August, and then it hits us with some not so good days for the start of spring. I think we forget every year that spring is actually the most unsettled season, especially the early spring. But the temperature starts to rise and the days also get longer, and then someone tells you how long to go before Christmas and you realise that the season is just around the corner and you haven’t got your gear ready for the upcoming season. At the moment, we are busy unpacking all the new stock for the upcoming season, with plenty of new models of rods and reels and colours of lures. We have changed and added plenty of new stock this year and this usually means stock we are clearing out at some very big discounts. We have created a part of the wall in the shop where you will find this stock and you can get some very big savings. Also keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will be putting up specials all season.
If you are someone that follows us on Facebook you will be the first to hear of latest catches and have a chance at the competitions that we run. Again, this season we will have our usual guess the weight competitions for some great prizes. We will again have our Melbourne Cup sweep guess the weight competition, Australia day fishing competition and the big one this season will be the Royal Children’s Good Friday appeal family fishing competition. Last year was the first time we ran the comp and we have already had interest from suppliers to be more involved with giveaways. For details of all these competitions, and for plenty more promotions we will have this season, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our weekly fishing report.
For those who do follow us this isn’t news but for everyone else we had our first report of a quality snapper from the Newhaven jetty on Thursday afternoon. Not necessarily the right time for snapper on the jetty, it certainly was the best time, thus proving that sometimes you just have to be there. Although we didn’t get a weight, the length was 77cm and a good effort, land based. We did hear of more being landed after that, over the next couple of days, but haven’t got any exact details. The Newhaven jetty is always a good barometer for us, as we hear reports from there about two weeks before we start to see numbers in the boats. The reports we did get from the boats during the week were very inconsistent, and contained far more missed out than landed fish. but this will change shortly as the fish continue to come into the bay.
There are of reports of couta from many parts of the bay, but mostly from towards the entrances. If you are heading out in the boat take your time getting to your spot and drop a couple of lures in the water as you are heading up the channel and pick up some fresh baits for your day or night fishing. The couta have varied in size, and none are all that big, but for those catching them to eat reports are saying they are reasonably clean. If you are catching them for bait try and leave it until just before you are ready to put the fillet on the hook to cut them up. This helps keep all the blood in the fish and provides a bit of extra scent for your bait.
Not sure if it has been the couta scaring them off but whiting have been very scarce, and it has been difficult to catch more than one or two when you do find them. The weather hasn’t been all that favourable still, but even so enough have been able to take advantage of the breaks in the weather to give us an idea what is around. One customer told me he has been fishing on the northern side of Reef Island, towards Leola Shoal, and finding some good quality whiting. He said there aren’t many in one spot and that once he had a couple he moved a 100 metres or so and tried again, with some success.
The calamari have been much the same as the whiting and difficult to get any type of pattern on, with the reports all over the place. More reports have come from land based anglers than from the boats, but even so the same thing has been happening, with no one spot successful for very long and certainly not for two days in a row. Reports have come from all the usual spots, beaches and jetties, but don’t get too excited as it has been hard work and only the very committed have been successful. This time of the year I wouldn’t put too much thought into the jig colour other than to say it would appear the brighter of the colours has been better with baited jigs, especially from the beach.

Finding fish made easy

WITH snapper season just around the corner, Corinella Boating and Angling Club is hosting a Sounder Night on Friday, September 8, where anglers can learn how to set up and use their sounder.
Special guest Scott Harper from Cranbourne Tackle World will cover topics such as how to use the settings, what to look for when sounding for fishing spots, and tips and tricks.
No matter what model or make your sounder is, you can’t afford to miss this.
Non-members are welcome. Bookings are essential. A small cover charge includes finger food ($10 members, $15 non-members). For details and to register, go to