THE Bass Coast Shire Council has adopted an Animal Management Plan and with it, the possibility of banning cats from roaming outside during the day… as well as at night.
Cr Julian Brown successfully passed an amendment that he says changed the wording to remove the impression council had a pre-conceived idea about introducing a 24-hour cat containment policy.
Community consultation showed residents wanted cats to be banned from roaming 24/7, but instead of council looking to “investigate the benefits” of the cat ban, council will “investigate the pros and cons” of a ban.
But Cr Michael Whelan said the amendment was trying to scale back the issue of cat containment.
“There is no argument in my mind that cats should be contained, as indeed should dogs,” he said.
“It’s not saying you have to lock them up, it’s saying you have to contain them in your yard.”
Cr Bruce Kent also spoke against the motion, asserting all cats are killers and that everyone knows they get up to mischief.
“Your cat can be the most beautiful, furry, warm animal when it’s sitting on your lap, but when it walks out your back door – it’s a killer,” he said.
“And it kills our wildlife, our reptiles, they have a go at everything.”
He maintained he loves cats and said, “If you’re a good cat owner, you’ll contain them at night time.”
Councillors voted to change the wording in the Animal Management Plan to investigate the pros and cons, rather than the benefits, of a cat ban.