A recycled concrete pipe was used as a kitchen bench feature.

Judges said it was a prime example of a comfortable and sustainable home.

THE prestigious 2017 HIA Australian GreenSmart Home of the Year award was presented recently to The Sociable Weaver for its 10 Star Home at Cape Paterson.
The Sociable Weaver is based in St Kilda but Inverloch’s Dave Martin is its co-founder.
The award is the highest accolade at the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Australian GreenSmart Awards.
HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards recognise the best in environmentally-responsible housing.
Award winners and finalists make a positive difference to the environment by building sustainable, energy efficient and comfortable homes.
The Sociable Weaver also won the GreenSmart Display Home of the Year for the same home.
It features a distinctive butterfly-shaped roof for optimal solar penetration, and is a stunning 10 star home designed to maximise energy efficiency.
“The reclaimed internal green wall, recycled brick walls and recycled concrete pipe, installed as a kitchen bench feature, illustrate a considered approach to materials,” commented the judges.
Built with a zero-waste philosophy and carbon positive the home is a prime example of a comfortable and sustainable home.
Winners from all around Australia were recognised for their contribution to sustainable building practices.
HIA managing director Shane Goodwin said HIA Australian GreenSmart Award winners have reached the pinnacle of sustainable building practices and are leading the industry in providing comfortable homes for their clients.
“HIA GreenSmart Awards are a true showcase of builders and designers at the forefront of sustainability.
“Now more than ever consumers are looking for smarter ways to build and are increasingly seeking energy efficient homes for their comfort and long-term cost savings,” Mr Goodwin said.
The HIA GreenSmart program is a voluntary initiative available to HIA members.

The Cape a finalist in Sustainability Awards

THE State Government has announced the finalists for the Premier’s Sustainability Awards and The Cape, the sustainable housing project at Cape Paterson, is in line for two awards.
The winners from 10 categories will be announced at the awards ceremony on October 26, along with two overall winners selected by the Premier of Victoria in the following categories:
* Premier’s Regional Recognition Award for a finalist who has demonstrated notable benefits for regional Victoria and
* Premier’s Recognition Award for a winner who showcases exemplary innovation and determination in overcoming obstacles in sustainability.
The Cape is a finalist in the Built Environment category for its “energy efficient design principles and construction techniques to build sustainable, affordable, attractive, carbon neutral, climate adapted, healthy and comfortable homes and communities”.
It’s also nominated for the Environmental Protection award as it “not only builds energy positive homes, it develops a series of local programs to protect the site’s natural habitat via environmental protection”.
Other finalists include:
* a campaign to save the orange-bellied parrot
* a project that regenerates shellfish reefs using leftover oyster shells from local restaurants
* a highly automated steel galvanizing plant that produces significantly low emissions.
Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said the government is working to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15–20 per cent by 2020, and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
This year it unveiled a $146 million Renewable Energy Action Plan, aimed at delivering more renewable, affordable and reliable energy for Victorians.
“Each finalist is a testament to the world class sustainability work we do in Victoria and the prestige of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards program,” she said.
“We’ve had the broadest cross section of entries in the Award’s 15 year history and it’s great to see such ingenuity and innovation in the way Victorians approach sustainability.”
“I congratulate each finalist for their exemplary work to mitigate the impact of climate change and reduce emissions.”
Visit www.sustainabilityawards.vic.gov.au for information on the finalists and to buy tickets to the awards.