I hope the Bass Coast Shire considers carefully the possibility of introducing new rules regarding ratepayers keeping cats on their properties.
This request follows the article in the Sentinel-Times on August 22 from a Venus Bay group suggesting that all cats should be exterminated or locked up.
Don’t these people realise that some elderly persons have a cat for companionship which they love and cherish.
Imagine their alarm if a ranger arrives at their door with a cage and removes their car from the premises. If all cats were removed, imagine the increase in population of mice and rats which the cats now keep under some control.
We have two de-sexed cats that rarely leave the property and are inside the house from 4.30pm to 9am the following day and are feed inside.
The assumption of Kylie Laing that cats kill 1000 animals a year is absolute garbage; our cats would kill approximately one mouse or rat per month or maybe a sparrow.
I would like her to define what animals she thinks they kill – maybe a fox, wombat, eagle or a Staffy and what about Cr Skinner’s suggestion that we just shoot them. Is that with a shot gun or a .22 and who is going to pay for the enclosures that they suggest we keep the cats in?
The Bass Coast Shire Council?
Olly Antsig comes up with some stats and finishes up by saying that cats are the biggest danger to this country, but where does terrorists and global warming come in? I think you should come down from the tree and get some fresh air.
Laurie Black, Wonthaggi.