EVERYONE loves a big Christmas tree in the centre of town and that’s exactly what the Korumburra Business Association (KBA) has in mind for this year’s festive season.
And they’re not about to take the disappointment of missing out on a community grant from the shire, in the most recent round of grants, lying down.
As a result, they’ve launched an appeal for $7000, not only to buy or build a huge Christmas tree, but also a new set of decorations for the town.
“Last year there was a bit of comment, positive and negative, about what we did for Christmas in town and we’ve taken that on board and we’re determined to do more this year,” said KBA President Noelene Cosson.
“We applied to the shire for a grant of $1000, not really knowing what the decorations would cost us at that stage, because you can’t get quotes until the places supplying Christmas decorations open up.
“It was also partly to do with what we could match $1 for $1 but we’ve got a better idea of what we need now, so we settled on $7000 as the amount we need.
“So far we’ve only gone out to the businesses to support us and we’ve already had a good early response but more is needed.
“We’re fairly confident we’ll get enough for the tree but we’d like to have some decorations around the town as well.
“I think for something like a tree, which everyone can enjoy, the general community might like to donate something as well, so we’re going to make it a general appeal for funding support.”
How much does the KBA want you to donate?
“Well, we didn’t want to say what a preferred amount would be because we don’t want to put limits on it but we are proposing to acknowledge major sponsors in some way.”
The KBA is yet to settle on the exact location for the tree but will be aiming for a central location and also plan to stage a public event when they ‘light up’ their new tree.
We’re already into September now, so timelines are a little tight but if funding can be finalised by some time in October, it can all still come together for a festive Christmas in Korumburra.
Those who want to donate can do so by making a donation directly to the Korumburra Business Association’s bank account at: BSB 633 000 Account No. 1207 11385. Cheques can be made payable to the Korumburra Business Association, P.O. Box 78 Korumburra 3950.