Re your very good article, Sentinel Times 28.08.2017 on our very dangerous brick footpaths. We had perhaps the best concrete footpaths in all South Gippsland put down in the depression year by men who could get work for the Korumburra Shire AT, I understand the insistence of our late Shire councillor Peter Hudson who owned coal mines in our district. This man appears to have more foresight than any councillor we have had since. He spoke his mind on many subjects. No running to legal people or VCAT in those days.
What nitwits we had to break up good concrete and put bricks down in our climate and hilly country; moisture grows moss.
The Commonwealth Bank corner is a trap. A doorway away from the corner would have been far safer.
Some years ago our nitwits decided to get rid of veranda posts at big expense to our shopkeepers. Wet footpaths, now they are back. No rain water tanks in the town area another idiot idea.
Tip road closed; this road should be able to be opened up. Highway is often closed when drivers can’t manage to keep their cars on the road. Even a barrier that police could open up where traffic could get through. Far too many streets are closed off and/or made one way.
William Street, St Josephs disused tennis court for teachers cars would free up Bridge Street which is a nightmare to park when any funerals etc at the Anglican or Uniting Church are on. It’s a very nasty drain on the east side, is seldom cleaned from police station to Telstra.
Wrench’s Lane is another very poor drainage example. The roadway behind the top service station is another very poorly maintained area. Intersection at the post office to Commercial Street, two car park spaces in front of the post office should be for cars only, not vans and 4x4s that block all view of incoming traffic. Commercial Street is a race track for overtaking. Yes I could go on and on.
Judy Findlayson, Korumburra.