MDU C Grade defenders Sophie Thomas and Elly Egan keep Fish Creek shooter Katie Hamilton in check. M663717

Toora’s goal shooter in the close B Grade grand final, Helen Nicholls jumps for this high pass. M633717

Opposing wings, Abby Forrester of MDU and Jeanette Bath of Foster chase the loose ball during the A Grade grand final. M573717

GRAND final day was the culmination of a tough Alberton season following the changes that were inflicted on the league at the beginning of the season, but the league emerged strong and united.
A credit to everyone. Congratulations also to MDU who organised the grand final day with efficiency and expertise and also claimed four flags along the way. Well done!

13 & Under
It was a very nervous start for both Foster and Tarwin in the 13 and Under grand final game on Saturday. The young teams were a little overcome by the occasion and the large crowd who had come to support them.
The teams had experienced some very tight tussles throughout the season and the grand final was no exception. The defensive work was very tight from both teams. The crowd were vocal urging their young players on. For three quarters, the game was very tight.
It was hard for either team to take the advantage. The slippery conditions due to the wet weather did not help. Foster made a change in the centre in the second half. It seemed to help. By the fourth quarter, Foster seemed to settle and took the initiative.
The final quarter saw them draw away winning in the end 23 to 16, a great game to watch.
Best on court – Macey McGlead, Goal Defence, Foster.

15 & Under
In the 15s, Fish Creek settled early and took a commanding lead from the start.
The game seemed to be a lot calmer than the 13s. The Fish Creek goal attack was shooting well. Foster didn’t seem to have any answers. Foster made many changes to their line up at half time in an attempt to get back into the game. The changes seemed to work. Foster outscored Fish Creek 6 to 2 in the third. It’s never over until it’s over. Foster fought hard, throwing everything at Fish Creek who stood tall in the end winning 33 to 24.
Best on court – Lauren Gale, Goal Attack, Fish Creek.

17 & Under
MDU went in as firm favourites against Foster in the 17 and Under grand final. MDU had not been defeated all season and were reputedly going to win easily. Foster, on the other hand, had other ideas. The intensity was there from the beginning.
Foster brought their A game to the day throwing everything at MDU from the first whistle.
MDU had to fight for everything. Foster got within three goals of MDU during the third quarter. Despite the increased intensity and obvious nervousness from the MDU players and spectators, MDU regrouped and drew away in the end to win 38 to 27. A wonderful, intense, hard fought netball game from all players on court.
Best on court – Irene Thorson, Centre, MDU.

C Grade
MDU and Fish Creek both shot very accurately in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Fish Creek Goal Keeper seemed to come alive, taking many strong rebounds over Fish Creek who seemed to ‘go off the boil’.
The MDU centre fed beautifully into her goal circle. The MDU goal defence was a big presence on court, yet there were only three goals in at half time. These two teams have had big tussles throughout the season – today was no exception. In the end, MDU proved the steadier, stronger team winning 45 to 38.
Best on court – Jane Harrison, Centre, MDU.

B Grade
The B Grade grand final proved to be the ‘highlight’ game of the day. It was intense from the beginning. It was an erratic start for both teams, but Toora settled and were up 21 to 16 at half time. Their goalers were teaming well. Their defenders were over everything. At three quarter time, Toora were up, 33 to 28. One sensed a Toora win. But MDU had other ideas. In the last quarter, MDU threw everything at Toora who seemed to forget they had to keep fighting. Bad passes and a nonchalant approach from Toora saw MDU claw their way back into the game. A change to the MDU Wing Defence seemed to have a positive effect. A nail biting final few minutes saw MDU miraculously seal the win, by the narrowest of margins, 40 to 41.
Best on court – Sophie Taratuta, GA, MDU.

A Grade
The A Grade final was predicted to be close and intense. Foster had ‘snuck’ into the grand final with an unexpected win over Fish Creek the previous week.
MDU was undefeated throughout the season but games between Fish Creek and Foster had been hard fought. MDU started confidently and were quickly in a commanding position, nine goals in front. Foster, somehow clawed their way back into the game and were down by five by the end of the first quarter. The Foster defence was tireless taking many intercepts when the opportunity afforded them. But the MDU goalers were relentless – they didn’t miss many! Foster made changes on court and from the bench at half time in an attempt to lessen the 36/25 blowout. MDU however, seemed to have all the answers. Double teaming on the goal shooter gave the MDU Goal Attack the opportunity to show how accurate she was. Foster on the other hand, under pressure, missed too many goals.
The defenders from both teams gave it their all. In the end, MDU proved too strong all over the court and won convincingly, 50 to 34.
Best on court – Ebony Best, GD, MDU.