Further to the vexed issue of Bass Coast Shire Council considering application no.160367 to allow joy flights from 5610 Bass Highway Inverloch, I wish to raise a new issue.
It relates to precedent.
If the council decides to allow the application then it will be obliged to allow similar applications in the future, having already given the go ahead for the current proposal. Once a precedent has been set, it will be hard to argue in law against future similar proposals.
The community must be alerted to this possibility and vehemently raise its objections by writing to the council and the media.
It is too late to object once the green light has been given by the council.
And let’s hope that all councillors understand the concept of precedence.
In conclusion, may I remind people that Tyabb Airport started out as a private joy flight operation.
The locals have continued to object to the noise, invasion of privacy and incursions into the quality of their lives as the airport has grown and grown – it is still growing.
Please make your objections known to council before it is too late.
Ross Smith, Inverloch.