ALEX Scott and Staff Grantville has welcomed its newest staff member, Kellie Morgan, who recently made the tree change from the bustling city to the country.
Kellie used to live on a corner block near Bentleigh, but is now raising her family on a 12-acre lot in Bass with chooks, a dog and plenty of hay bales.
“We love it out here and sometimes I bump into people I know,” she says.
“It was so overcrowded in Bentleigh, but out here there’s big blocks with incredible views.
“I didn’t know my neighbours in the city and now I already know my mum’s neighbours,” Kellie says, laughing.
She says staff work together as a team at Alex Scott and Staff and along with her colleague Madelyne Dunlop they complement each other.
Kellie has extensive experience working in property management and she’s taking on a role as Sales Consultant at Alex Scott and Staff Grantville.
“This is what I always wanted to do and it’s like that saying; if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.
“I never understood that ‘till now.”
To get in touch with Kellie, call 5678 8433 or visit the Alex Scott and Staff Grantville office at 1505 Bass Highway, Grantville.