Hannah Carew was on target for Dalyston in the grand final against Inverloch-Kongwak. N103817

Giants defender Jude Reynolds does her best to stop Dalyston’s Molly Bloch in the B Grade grand final. N173817

Phillip Island defender Rahni Mann put in a big effort on Saturday to stop Korumburra-Bena’s shooters in the 15 and Under grand final. N073817

Two of the greats of local netball Jarney Thomas and league best and fairest Christie Hillberg in action on Saturday in the A Grade grand final. N203817

Dalyston coach Jenny McRae and captain, and also best on court, Jarney Thomas hoist the A Grade premiership cup. N193817

DALYSTON upset Korumburra-Bena for the second consecutive year to win the A Grade flag against their fierce rivals in convincing fashion, 34 to 26.
Korumburra-Bena had been undefeated all season, accounting for the Dalyston in both home and away games and after Dalyston lost the first week of finals, and having to play a first semi and preliminary final to find their way into the grand final, the Giants rightly came in as heavy favourites.
But anyone who knows the history of these two clubs in grand finals knows it counts for absolutely nothing! Dalyston thrive on the underdog status and love nothing more than taking on Korumburra-Bena in big finals.
Korumburra-Bena love grand finals, and don’t care who they play and will play their own game, routinely executed to a tee.
The crowd must have known this too, as they were packed in five and six deep around the courts, in anticipation of a great game.
Dalyston came out of the blocks firing on all cylinders, coach Jenny McRae giving them a super rev up.
They jumped to a five to one lead, making much more out of their opportunities than the Giants.
Dalyston GD Alana McRae and Giants GA Kim Hillberg were going to have an enthralling contest, McRae giving away another decent height advantage, like she has most weeks, but still so competitive.
Dalyston got the jump on the Giants leading by five goals at quarter time.
Coach Christie Hillberg (GA) opted to make no changes at quarter time, backing her starting seven in and it looked to be the right choice, grabbing the first two goals of the quarter but that’s when the momentum swung in Dalyston’s favour.
The Giants played an uncharacteristic brand of netball, lots of turnovers, wild passing and not adjusting to the umpiring with a number of warnings handed out.
Jarney Thomas (GS) was converting every opportunity that came her way. Dalyston had the Giants rattled and half time couldn’t come quick enough for Burra-Bena girls, Dalyston nine up at the main break.
There was expectation in the air that this would be the quarter the Giants would get back into the game. The Giants made a number of moves, Tarli Hillberg and Emma Kyle to the bench, Chloe Hogg to GS and Annelise Van Rooye to WD and swapping Jacquie Snooks and Gemma Dixon to WA and centre respectively.
However it was Dalyston who took the initiative at the start of the quarter, getting the first two goals and the lead was out to 11.
The Giants desperately needed a spark. Christie Hilliberg was trying frantically to lift her team with a number of well-timed intercepts and Chloe Hogg looked a much better option in goals, working well with Kim Hilberg (GA) and making Tess Angarane (GK) work harder for the Magpies.
But it was the massive work rate and pressure of the Dalyston midcourt that was keeping the Giants at bay.
Jess McRae, Hannah McRae and Sophie Scott were playing tough, physical, uncompromising netball, which is the Dalyston trademark.
The Giants were making far too many turnovers, especially out of defence to be able to impact the score, only able to claw back one goal, Dalyston up eight going into the last.
The Giants made a final few moves with hope of getting some run on, Ellie Holmes into WD for Van Rooy and Hogg off for Kyle.
Dalyston had a steely look of determination at the start of the last, personified by Alana McRae and her repeated efforts in defence and chasing down numerous loose balls.
Dixon (C) and Snooks (WA) were doing a stellar job feeding their goalers but they just couldn’t convert enough to put on any scoreboard pressure. Britt Thomas (GA) and Jarney Thomas (GS) converted every chance they had and Dalyston had it in the bag with half the quarter left to play.
A great victory to the Dalyston team who were undoubtedly the better team on the day.
Best on Court: Jarney Thomas.

B Grade: Korumburra-Bena 51 def Dalyston 41
WITH the Giants giving Dalyston a 35 goal trouncing in the second semi, it was going to be very interesting to see how they would respond.
The Giants’ coaching staff were very cautious before the game given they had lost to Dalyston through the season.
It was a fast start to the game, the ball whizzing up and down the court. Jamie–lee Jeffs (GA) for the Giants used her height and athleticism to great effect, creating opportunities all over the goal ring. Her trademark step into the shot was hard for the Dalyston to defend. The Giants were up four at the first break.
Dalyston’s captain/coach Melissa Beveridge (C) was trying to get the momentum swinging her team’s way with a number of stunning high pace intercepts.
Her match up with Zoe Archer (C) was a highlight with both so quick up and down the court and a seemingly endless energy supply.
The Giants still controlling the momentum of the game, doubling their quarter time score to lead by eight at half time.
Dalyston moved Paige Holness into WA and Maddison Carew to WD, hoping to influence the mid court which Korumburra-Bena were dominating.
It is said the third quarter is the premiership quarter and it certainly was the case here, the Giants winning all positons on the court.
Bonnie Griffiths (GD) and Jude Reynolds (GK) were miserly in Giants’ defence, hardly allowing a Dalyston goal feed and taking any rebounds that were available. At the other end Jeffs was on a rampage.
She and Alana Besley (GS) piled on 14 goals for the quarter to Dalyston’s eight, the Giants up 15 going into the last.
It was going to take a big effort for Dalyston to get back into the game and they certainly gave it a shake. Molly Bloch (GS) had been well held by Reynolds all day but found her range and Beveridge was feeding her well, the Magpies taking a six goal to nil run early in the quarter and looked to have some momentum their way, but it was short lived.
The Giant settled with a number of goals and intercepts and the game was well out of Dalyston’s reach, as the Giants took the win by 10 goals and made it back to back premierships.
Best on Court: Jamie-lee Jeffs (Korumburra-Bena).

C Grade: Dalyston 28 def Koo Wee Rup 22
AFTER Koo Wee Rup caused an upset in the second-semi beating Dalyston by three goals, the stage was set for a Dalyston comeback.
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The game had a scrappy start – a heavy shower didn’t help the situation, both teams with a number of unforced errors.
Dalyston perhaps settled a little more and took a one goal lead into the quarter time break.
Heartbreak for Koo Wee Rup GS Jodie Oliver with a serious injury leg injury in the second, appearing to almost do the splits and in instant pain. The veteran was a big loss for the Demons. She took no further part in the game. However the Koo Wee Rup girls rallied with Brooke Galante (GA) taking up the workload in the goal ring with Sarah Cammarano feeding her well. The Demons were up one at the main break.
Dalyston started the third with a lot more energy and talk than previous quarters.
Newly crowned league B&F Emma Ton (GA) showed why she earnt that title, in everything and goaling well.
She and Chloe McRae worked well in the goal ring to give Dalyston a momentum swing.
The centres Nikita Stokkel and Sarah Blundell had a great battle, both playing hard, physical games, neither giving an inch.
Dalyston held a three goal lead going into the last.
The Demons crowd was loud and encouraging, sensing their girls needed a lift. It worked to start with, Galante nailing a few long bombs and the margin back to two goals with under five minutes to play.
The Magpies defence was fantastic down the stretch. Captain Emma Phillips (GD) and coach Renee Maloney (GK) used their height and netball IQ to great advantage and stop the feed into the goalers.
Dalyston made a few goals late in the quarter to give them a six goal winning margin in a very entertaining game.
Best on court: Emma Ton (Dalyston).

Under17: Dalyston 33 def Inverloch-Kongwak 24
WITH IK the Giants killers last week the question was, could they do it two weeks in a row? It was a massive ask as Dalyston were undefeated all season and firm favourites.
With the weather finally behaving, the game stared in glorious sunshine; Dalyston starting in glorious form too jumping out to a four goal lead within minutes.
Grace McRae (GA) for the Magpies was on her game early hitting nine goals in the quarter and giving her team a nice eight goal lead at the first break.
IK started the second strongly, Sophie Bolam (GS) doing a great job to get open in the ring but Dalyston’s defensive pressure was fantastic.
Dalyston’s Gemma Thomas (GD) was very tight on Millie Sadler (GA). If the goalers missed, Thomas had the rebound.
Dalyston had a great quarter and extended their lead to 13 at the main break. The Inverloch-Kongwak coaching staff needed to try something to stem the flow, Bianca Phillips moved into the centre, Alex Burke to WA and Sophie Griffin to WD.
Phillips looked good in the centre, competing well with Abbey Kirk.
IK started the quarter four goals to nil and finally found some momentum and rhythm, Sadler goaling well and Lani Pryor (GD) doing a fantastic job in defence for the Sea Eagles.
A strong squall ripped through the court, making conditions very slippery and perhaps slowed IK’s run. Inverloch still had pulled back five goals, to go into the last eight down.
Dalyston looked to have composed themselves out of the break and were playing controlled netball. Thomas was at her brilliant best, reading the play and making numerous deflections and intercepts.
Alex Burke was trying hard to lift her team with drive and talk but it was to no avail.
Dalyston took the premiership by nine goals and capped off a sensational undefeated season.
Best on court: Gemma Thomas (Dalyston).

Under 15: Korumburra Bena 32 def Phillip Island 22
PHILLIP Island was definitely the team to beat, having held top position all year and beating Korumburra-Bena in the second semi.
The first quarter was a very tight affair, with goals going with centre possession although both teams’ defensive ends were doing well to stop the feed into the goal circle.
Phillip Island GK Cailin Robinsion was getting a hand to a lot the feeds in, while Ellie Newton (GD) for the Giants was reading the ball well taking a number of intercepts in the mid court. The Island was up two at quarter time.
The wind was swirling in the second, making the goalers’ life difficult. The Island centre, Sunday Brisbane was driving hard through the centre and was a great vocal presence for her team.
After an equal second quarter, the Giants had pulled back one goal to be one down at the main break.
The Korumburra-Bena brains-trust swung the moves at half time, Maddie Smith into the centre and Erin Trewin into WD and Hayley Woolard into WA and it paid off in spades!
The Giants looked more settled through the midcourt and were able to get some good ball to goalers.
Darci Holmes (GA) was on fire in the goal ring, converting seven for the quarter and proving a handful for the Island defenders, the Giants jumping out to a four goal lead early in the quarter.
Phillip Island settled late, Charli Ross (GA) playing up the court to give a focal point in transition. The Giants led by five goals going into the final quarter.
Heidi Burgess (GK) was having a cracking game in defence for the Giants, getting four deflections in a row at the start of the quarter.
Her pressure on the Island goalers all day was crucial in setting up the Giants’ win.
Rahni Mann was trying her hardest to for the Island, throwing herself around the court trying to get a hand in the passing lane but the Giants’ feeders were smart and worked for the best look, Smith and Holmes combining very well to keep the scoreboard ticking over.
The Giants ran away to a well-deserved win by 10 goals.
Best on court: Darci Holmes (Korumburra-Bena).

Under 13: Cora Lynn 23 def Koo Wee Rup 22
NOTHING separated these two teams throughout the year and it was the same again on Saturday, decided in extra time by one goal.
Cora Lynn premiers in a fantastic game.
Best on court: Teegan Thornhill (Koo Wee Rup).


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