I drove to Ballarat at the weekend and fuelled up at Caldemeade BP $117.9 per Litre.
The highest price on route to Ballarat at any other BP, including along the Western Highway was $126.9. Topped up again on the way home at Caldemeade BP $117.9.
Twenty kilometes further on, Grantville BP $117.9 was the displayed price.
Surprise, Surprise, 31km further on, Wonthaggi BP was $129.9. Hence my question, please explain!
The reason for the 12 cent increase, historically has been freight cost which I see as a huge misquote by anybody trying to protect what can only be described as price gouging.
BP at Inverloch, Korrumburra, Leongatha are also $129.9. It would seem to me that a very strong monopoly is at play in our region. Have a think about the following:
The latest Coles catalogue advertises a 1.25 litre bottle of soft drink at $2 per bottle. That same bottle of soft drink is the same price in every supermarket owed by Coles across the state of Victoria, whether it be Portland, Mildura, Wodonga, Bairnsdale or Knox, with no variation for freight.
So for a fuel company to trot out the freight card is completely fictitious based on the previous observation.
I feel that the fuel price across Bass Coast is choking tourism and paints a very negative picture of an open market system.
Russell Harbour, Inverloch.