The August 2017 South Gippsland Shire Council meeting provided abundant evidence that self-serving ego tripping is far more important than the interests of ratepayers. What a sad lot.
One councillor even stated that ratepayers can make up their own minds about councillors by observing their performance. Not very bright to tell us that; we have observed and we don’t like at all what we see.
This obsessive occupancy with unimportant side issues has meant that important matters are left to rot.
Councillors, instead of spending hours on your own egos, we suggest you consider the extremely poor governance of this council and make some real decisions to make desperately needed improvements.
There is plenty to consider and they all originate from our belief that this council is dysfunctional and needs real and drastic improvements, or even better, must be removed altogether.
The silence related to the caravan parks disaster has been very noticeable. The responsible persons must be brought to account. Why do we have to wait for this?
Ratepayers suffering one of the highest council rates in Victoria have been burdened with crippling costs for what we consider to be inexcusable gross mismanagement.
Repeated requests to council to provide caravan parks’ (Yanakie and Long Jetty) expenditure, both operating and capital, are refused and ignored.
Our conservative cost estimate over a three year period is as follows:
• Transferred from the Surplus Account to a Special Caravan Park Reserve Account: $4.3 million
• Employee and related costs: $1.8 million
• Operating costs: $0.15 million
• Legal costs: $0.15 million
• Loss of income caravan park communities: $1.2 million
• Council income loss $0.1 million.
That is a staggering, mind boggling total of $7.7 million, and possibly much more!
Unfortunately, this is not a disaster presenting itself in isolation.
There are many more we firmly believe are symptomatic of a deeply entrenched culture of secrecy, bad management and a bureaucracy out of touch with reality and common sense.
In addition, councillors, please note that the recent Residents Satisfaction Survey statistics showed an all-time low satisfaction rating and we consider it high time this is added to the Caravan Park disaster, and others, to provide the deciding KPI factors to appraise the performance of the CEO.
Perusal of various financial and operational results has provided overwhelming information for us to express our deep dissatisfaction with the performance of this CEO.
Councillors, the time to make some real decisions has arrived.
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay; Treasurer, South Gippsland Action Group.