We have a secret ballot system in Australia so everyone can feel free to decide and vote as they wish, without feeling pressured by anyone else. If other persons or politicians choose to tell us which opinion they are supporting, that is up to them.
I do not care who Malcolm Turnbull or ‘Lucy’ are backing, any more than I care who Russell Broadbent will support. I have a brain and can decide for myself who I will support, which as a registered voter I am entitled to do.
Neither do I care what sexual behaviour takes place between other consenting adults, as it is none of my business.
If other persons of the same sex in Australia wish to be legally married, that is fine by me.
On the subject of sex education in schools, every interested child having access to the internet is already able to look up the details of any sexual behaviour they want to know about.
In the other 23 countries where same sex marriage has been legalised since 2001, there have been no major negative repercussions.
What’s the problem?
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, same-sex couples represented about 1 per cent of all couples in Australia.
The sooner this legislation is finalised, the quicker the government can get back to dealing with pressing issues like affordable energy, climate change, North Korea etc., which are of importance to the majority of the Australian population.
Libby Lambert, Bena.