SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council values the importance of children’s safety when arriving to and from school with Local Laws stepping up parking patrols in school zones.
Line of sight around schools is crucial to parents, carers, motorists and school buses.
When vehicles are obstructing the line of sight or blocking the road space, tragedies can occur, especially when there are small children who can be difficult to see.
When picking up or dropping off your children it is important to remember to:
• Stick to the 40km/h speed limit
• Check parking signs carefully near schools
• Be aware of any school buses
• Try to leave home early to avoid arriving at the busiest times.
School zones often have stricter parking rules.
The type of parking restriction and the times that it applies will usually be on the sign.
A few of the common parking restrictions in school zones include:
• No Stopping Zones where you must not stop your vehicle for any period of time
• No Parking Zones where you must not leave your vehicle parked or unattended for more than two minutes
• School crossings where you must observe the directions of the crossing guard supervisor and ensure that your vehicle does not stop or park within 20 metres of the approach or 10 metres of the departure side of any school crossing
• Double Parking where you must not park alongside a car that is already parked at the side of the road.
It is important that drivers and pedestrians exercise care when moving around school precincts to ensure the safety of all road users.
The signs and rules are there for very good reasons that all drivers need to obey.
Schools are busy areas where there are lots of children who do not always understand the danger of roads and vehicles.
It is up to the community to ensure that safety in school zones is a priority.