Under 10s in a controversial thriller

Angus McInnes blasts the Parrots forward in his best on ground performance in the Under 10s. N223617

Alexander Battersby did his best to keep Leongatha in the game in the Under 14s grand final, named his team’s top performer. N283617

Saxon Wayman and Connor Richards hoist the Under 10 premiership cup. N193617

The two Leongatha teams that met in the grand final came together post match for the presentations. Leongatha Green had reversible jumpers so everyone was in the traditional ‘Gatha strip after the match. N243617

LEONGATHA was guaranteed of at least one premiership on Central Gippsland Junior Football League grand final day at Moe on Sunday.
The club had its two under 12 sides, Leongatha Green and Leongatha Gold making it through in an extraordinary effort from the club.
The Under 10s and Under 14s though were different stories though with the Leongatha sides meeting undefeated opponents Yinnar and Mirboo North respectively.
The Under 10s game wasn’t decided until after the siren.
Leongatha’s Jhett Brown had marked about 30m out and the siren sounded as he lined up, sparking some overexcitement from the Yinnar kids who thought they’d won. Their celebration spilled in front of the kicker who sprayed the ball wide, but the umpire had little option but to give Jhett another kick, only this time only 15 metres out.
He made no mistake and the Parrots went wild, while their poor opponents were left chucking their helmets on the ground.

Under 12s

Leongatha Green coach Mick Hanily said the club won the Under 12 grand final, even though his side did it comfortably in the end.
His Greens finished the season strongly after they were hit by injury.
The game was played in pouring rain but it didn’t stop Tom Hanily kicking two outrageous goals. The first came on a long run through the middle before a big bomb.
The second was even better, breaking a would-be tackler and bending back a big banana from the pocket.
His team ran out comfortable winner.

Under 14s

Mirboo North were clearly the best side of the season and it showed in the grand final on Sunday with a flawless performance.
There wasn’t much the Parrots could do to stop the likes of Jacob Carnes who kicked a ridiculously good goal in the opening term, best on ground Ian Linn, Lachie Smith and big Mason Porykali who kicked four goals.
Alex Battersby did his best for the Parrots and showed he will be a player of the future, along with Jesse Burns and the athletic Ryan Giliam.

Under 10s

Leongatha Green 1.3-9 d Yinnar 1.1.7
Leongatha Green goal: J Brown.
Best: A McInnes, J Brown, C Richards, A Williams, R Hume, I Bolge.
Yinnar goal: J Dwyer.
Best: L Cheffers, H Bugeja, B Burrows, S Makepeace, J Dwyer, O McColl.

Under 12s

Leongatha Green 4.11.35 d Leongatha Gold 1.0.6
Green goals: T Hanily 2, T McRae, W Brown.
Best: T Hanily, T McRae, W Brown, L Gill, M Burggraaff, T Richards.
Gold goal: R Checkley.
Best: J Clark, J McRae, Z Lamers, B Grabham Andrews, B Stewart, R Checkley.

Under 14s

Mirboo North 10.9.69 d Leongatha Gold 3.3.21.
Mirboo North goals: M Porykali 4, L Smith 3, J Carnes 2, T Eden.
Best: I Linn, M Porykali, T Eden, J Carnes, B Peters, L Smith.
Leongatha Gold goals: T Dennehy, H Kewming, R Giliam.
Best: A Battersby, J Burns, R Giliam, H Sheedy, J Wrigley, N Clark.