By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

On Saturday San Remo is hosting an event called the Blessing of the Bikes which is a day that motor bike riders come together to remember those who have lost their lives on the roads over the previous 12 months. It is also a very social day with riders coming from every state in the country and plenty to do for all the family with bands and motor bike displays.
Good weather will see an estimated 6000 motorbikes filling up Marine Parade which will be quite a sight to see as well.
It is a day open to anybody with any type of Motor Bike and the best bit there is no charge to come along. Why am I making mention of this in my fishing report because on Saturday there will be no access to Marine Parade for cars so parking will be a premium in the back streets and will only get harder during the day. My suggestion if you are heading out Saturday and need something from the shop is to come early, park in the back streets and walk down, we will be staying open later Friday night and the other thing you can do, which many customers do is go straight to the ramp put your boat in then travel in your boat to the San Remo jetty and walk up to the shop. The street is expected to be re-opened to all traffic later in the afternoon.

Fishing reports
The fishing reports are improving about as fast as the weather which at the moment, as we all know isn’t that quick. They are getting better which is expected but there are also more people fishing as well so naturally the reports will improve.
Snapper reports from the boats this week have come mostly from those fishing on the edge of channels or deep water. It has been common to most reports from customers that they are picking a spot on the edge of the channel and waiting. While they aren’t getting a lot of fish they are getting some regular action with one customer telling me he had time for a cup of coffee or a sandwich I between bites. Common to the reports also was 2 or 3 rods would go off at one time with a short run often ending in nothing there. From the descriptions and where many reports came from it suggests that the fish are merely swimming past and not really stopping for a feed. Although slow we did get reports of snapper being caught, from boats and land. The land reports were from Newhaven jetty and Cowes jetty with the bigger ones from Newhaven.
There was only a couple from each during the week but several other fish as well. The reports of snapper landed we got from boats came from several spots and again only a handful of them. As is always the case we did have one customer wander in showing us a picture of snapper he caught, he said on the edge of the corals, two of them bagging out in under 30 minutes, just lucky I guess.
The best report came from a customer and his dad who went out towards the entrance looking for some whiting and came across a school of salmon, which turned out to be two schools of salmon. Drifting beside them and throwing the lures they had purchased that morning into the school they had no trouble at all landing 20 quality salmon all weighing around the 1kg mark.
Several salmon were also caught on the surf at Woolamai and from the jetties at San Remo, Newhaven and Cowes but all on bait and most a little smaller than those in the boats.
Couta are still around with the water temperature not climbing much during the week and I would expect that they won’t be going anywhere soon. Although they make good bait and there are plenty of people that eat them also they can be a bit of a nuance, not for me but for customers losing plenty of gear. The reports of couta are coming from boats and land based customers and from all over the bay, both entrances to Corinella and everywhere in between.
Whiting and calamari have probably been the two species that have improved the most over the last few weeks but especially this week we have started to see some reasonable numbers as well. The best of the calamari are coming from land based and kayak customers with the boats complaining about losing jigs to couta. Maybe the couta aren’t coming in close to the beach and that’s why more are being caught land based, kayaks also tend to stay close to shore.
It has been a mixture of baited and artificial jigs from land based with all under floats and the jetties artificial cast and retrieved. The best area has been from cleeland bight with Ventnor not far behind with the jetty at San Remo patchy. The size has been good and 30cm calamari hasn’t been uncommon with the best close to 50cm in the hood length.
Whiting were good if you could find the gap in between the couta, if not you needed plenty of hooks and sinkers. The reports still aren’t quite what we are used to for this time of the year but we did have a few double figure bags reported this week. We even had a couple of whiting reported from land based as well, Newhaven jetty, Cowes jetty and the rocks at Smiths Beach.
None of the land based reports were of many fish and except for maybe Smiths beach the rest I think were more of a by cath. The boat catches of whiting were more targeted and it was just a case of fishing around the couta, fishing the evening seemed to make a big difference as well. The best reports came from around dickies bay, bass river and reef island to Coronet Bay.