MORE than 4000 Boomerang Bags have been distributed in the Bass Coast community, but it is a mystery where they’ve all gone.
Dedicated volunteers, including some who spend up to 30 hours a week making the bags, aren’t seeing the bags used.
They’re concerned the Boomerang Bags are being stashed away in cars or homes.
“We’re more than happy to see people take them,” Aileen Vening from Plastic Bag Free Bass Coast said.
“But we’re concerned people are taking them and then leaving them in the cupboard.”
She said it’s a mystery where the 4000 bags have gone.
“We can’t continue making bags forever.
“Every time you go to the supermarket and have your bag, it’s one less plastic bag.
“But we don’t often see people using them.”
There are also reusable plastic bags which are made thicker and more durable, but Aileen said they can still have a negative impact on the environment.
“I don’t really know if that is a step in the right direction, we’d rather see the phasing out of plastic bags.
“On average, plastic bags are used for about 12 minutes. They’re a petroleum product and there are so many reasons to not use them.
“We just want to see the Boomerang Bags get out there.”
She said the plastic bags also pollute the ocean and beaches, and can kill sea life.
“Plastic doesn’t go away, it just gets smaller.”
The Meeniyan community is also working to be plastic bag free.
Aileen said the local supermarket led the way and made it easier for other small businesses to ban plastic bags.
“And I think small towns can do it better than big towns or cities,” she said.
The Bass Coast Shire Council’s also looking to eliminate plastic bags.
They’re focusing on implementing the three-bin system and will get involved more with the plastic bag campaign next year.
The Boomerang Bags are available at Inverloch Foodworks, Wonthaggi IGA and other shops in Bass Coast.
Later this month, the Corinella and Coronet Bay general stores, and Corinella and District Community Centre, will launch a Plastic Bag Free event in the Waterline area.
From November, the stores won’t be providing plastic bags and instead encouraging people to bring in reusable bags.
Every Thursday night, volunteers get together at Mitchell House from 7pm to 9pm to create Boomerang Bags.