It restores ones faith in democracy to see the councillors of South Gippsland Shire refuse a planning application for an industrial scale, intensive chicken production facility in Wooreen.
The proposed operation is not a rural enterprise and is better suited to an industrial estate which has the infrastructure to support the operation.
The people of South Gippsland want to live in a clean, green environment.
We know that this area is precious and should be protected, for us and for future generations of people.
This is the same passion that drove local people to campaign against coal and coal seam gas production and ultimately led to the Andrew’s government banning fracking.
So thank you to the objectors for running an informative and respectful campaign against the chicken production facility. Thank you to the councillors for listening to the voices of the people they represent.
Deborah and Fergus O’Connor, Berrys Creek.