Open letter to Mr Paynter
We are writing to you regarding your position on ‘same-sex marriage’. We have been married for 62 years, with our seven children and their children married in the traditionally accepted meaning of marriage.
We are truly blessed with our traditional marriage and our wonderful extended family, which have given us such pleasure and meaning over the decades.
We are in our 80s and will not experience the results of ‘same-sex marriage’ into the future.
We strongly believe that every child deserves a mother and a father and be conceived naturally. That is not possible with the introduction of same-sex marriage, without artificial intervention and future children growing up not knowing their natural biological parents. This additional artificial aspect of youth culture can only add significantly to the diverse problematic issues today’s society impresses upon our youth.
Australian society has changed dramatically during our time. The fundamental moral values of bygone generations have steadily evaporated, reflecting badly on our society as a whole. Our politicians appear to be swept along chasing the populist vote to ensure their political position. The current ‘same-sex marriage’ issue is a prime example of politicians having a lot to answer for.
Some would suggest that the manner in which the issue has been considered is simplistic, in its yes and no polarisation. It appears that no one has given intelligent consideration to the French solution of maintaining the sanctity of traditional marriage (between a woman and man) but accepting the union of same-sex persons in civil ceremonies. Such an oversight diminishes the integrity of our politicians.
Glenis Hanratty, Wonthaggi.