Regarding the article “Bass Coast to consider 24/7 cat ban” in SGST, September 26.
We have a cat that stays inside most of the time, at night he always sleeps in the laundry and when we’re out, is kept in a cat enclosure, so we think the proposed 24/7 ban on cats is unfair for those of us trying to do the right thing.
It’s just as well he’s usually kept inside because unfortunately some neighbours, despite clear council restrictions, often allow their dogs to run free.
In a confrontation with a cat, the dog is the aggressor that’s why they are the ones that should be restrained.
I spoke to one neighbour whose dog was running off-leash in front of our house and was told “If you don’t want your cat attacked then keep it inside”!
It’s a pity Bass Coast Council can’t do more to enforce the current dog regulations instead of bringing in further daytime restrictions on cat owners.
Steve Carter, Inverloch