It was a pleasure to be recently invited to primary school “grandparents day” for our grandson.
It’s a state school in the outer eastern suburb of Mooroolbark, where recent “plans” have revealed that 50 per cent of never ending population growth will be parked.
The school has previously looked slightly overcrowded but there was evidence of big changes with arrival of extra portables (not new). Footpaths inside school grounds are all concrete, now looking ugly and dangerous, for adults, cracked concrete, with raised edges.
Obviously kids aren’t there 24/7 but they’re there a lot more than police in Cowes.
On the Island, we’re getting a big new, permanent fortress, cop shop, even though crime is so low that we don’t need it.
During construction, with police presence in Cowes for just two hours a week, they advise they have plenty of time to spare. But they knocked back portables on site, even for construction period, so no chance of bringing in portables to be available during the busy season.
Then there are so many millions more dollars for a bunch of consulting rooms called the Health Hub, tens of millions for big high speed roundabouts in Newhaven and posh agency hired to make heavy duty business case for a car ferry, for which there won’t be change out of $100 million, to shift a quarter of the cars per day that single road lane can shift per hour.
Then there are always the 600 kids who get bussed from the Island to Wonthaggi Secondary College each and every day.
How can our priorities be so out of whack that so much money gets spent on big ornamental projects while our kids can’t get decent schools?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.