Hi my name is Christine Griggs and I am objecting to the Chicken Factory Farm at 80 Pit Rd, Wooreen.
My husband Frank and I live on a 130 acre Certified Organic property situated in Wooreen – next door to the proposed development.
The property has been in the family for over 50 years and has been producing Certified Organic beef for 21 years with the recent addition of Certified Organic mixed herbs and mixed vegetables.
Our Dwelling is just 1km in an elevated position in the valley, south of the proposed factory sheds. The offensive odour, toxic dust and noise from the 24 hour operation will impact on our dwelling, particularly when the north wind funnels down the valley – which is increasingly happening with climate change.
The lights will spill beyond the boundaries of the broiler farm. There will be no more darkness on the edge of the bush. It would be seen from parts of the Leongatha-Yarragon and Forrester’s Rd and much further away like a scar on the land. Revegetation of this site and the whole landscape after the massive earthworks, road and shed construction will take years to establish. But the factory will never be hidden from view.
Everything to service this massive operation such as feed, sawdust, chickens etc. will be trucked in from outside the Shire putting increased pressure on our already degraded roads. Like many of the properties on Leongatha Yarragon Road, we have a blind driveway. We are scared of the traffic hazards we will face from the heavy truck movements to and from the factory.
Our enjoyment of life will be adversely affected due to a decline in air quality and the picturesque view making it unpleasant to live in our long standing home. These affects will reduce our property value making it increasingly harder to sell. All our superannuation is locked up in the value of our property and business which we have built up over the years.
I am also concerned about the irreversible impacts this potential site would have on Boyle creek. It is not intermittent like the Application wrongly stated. This special fast flowing creek runs all year round. The creek has an abundance of rare and special aquatic life and is a vital part of our farming as this is where our stock and domestic water comes from.
I have concerns for the periods of high rainfall and run off pollution into ground surface water from the factory farm.
Periods of drought and the demand for water from the site would reduce or stop the flow of Boyle creek impacting not only us but all farms on Boyle creek.
South Gippsland Shire has a growing number of Certified Organic operators. Organic farming works to increase sustainability, biodiversity and to encourage good soil and air quality. This is maintained by the use of natural growing practices, water conservation and animal welfare, the avoidance of harmful chemicals and use of synthetic or artificially produced pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or GMOs (genetically modified, transgenic organisms). We must certify non-contamination of everything we sell and we are deeply concerned about the economic impacts of any contamination coming from this development. There just isn’t enough accurate information examining the risks that this development raises for us.
On behalf of Frank, my family and I, we respectfully request you to consider our concerns and ask all councillors to say ‘no’ to this inappropriate development that threatens to shatter our personal wellbeing and our community amenity.
Christine Griggs, Wooreen.

Editor’s note: The South Gippsland Shire Council issued a notice of refusal for the broiler farm at Wooreen last week but the applicant is “considering his options” around appealing the issue at VCAT.