Locals in action at the state karate championships include Lachlan Brown and Alerah Ognenovski who faced off in one of the bouts.

THIRTEEN members from the South Gippsland Freestyle Karate Club attended the ISKA Diamond State Championship held on Sunday, September 17.
Members participated in various events competing against the State’s best competitors. Events ranged from sumo, sword combat, sparring, traditional forms and self-defence techniques.
Twenty trophies were gained from the students on the day which included four state titles
Sensei Mick, head instructor reported competition was tough but all students who participated took it to the competition with respect and great sportsmanship.
It was another massive step for the club, gaining further recognition in the martial arts community and putting both Leongatha and Korumburra Dojos on the map.
State Titles Winners: Sensei Mick Ognenovski Self Defence Technique, Sempai Chris Brown Clash Sparring, Caiden Brown Clash Sparring and Thomas Telfer Clash Sparring.
Trophies: Sensei Mick Ognenovski 2nd Traditional Forms, Taylan Ognenovski 3rd Sumo, Zarlah Ognenovski 3rd Sword Combat, Alerah Ognenovski 2nd Sumo, Klarah Ognenovski 3nd Sumo, 2nd Clash Sparring, 3rd Point Sparring, 3rd Sword Combat; Caiden Brown 2nd Sumo Lochlan Brown 3rd Sword Combat, 3nd Clash Sparring Indigo Gould 2nd Sumo, Ruby Courtier 3rd Sword Combat, 3rd Clash; Patrick Biro 2nd Sword Combat, 3rd Clash Sparring.