I received the news of the Wonthaggi Secondary funding with great enthusiasm on Friday.
Congratulations to all concerned. What an enormous community effort. And I emphasise the word ‘community’. Never have I seen such a combined, concerted and dedicated effort for a single project and what an outcome.
Throw in the basketball courts and you have possibly the most exciting development to ever come to Wonthaggi.
It was clear to me from day one that the rebuilding of the secondary college ranked alongside the Wonthaggi Hospital as the two major funding needs for the Bass Coast.
This issue had been a political football for far too long and the locals certainly reminded me of this.
The community needed a new school. Overcrowding, outdated facilities, lack of sporting facilities combined to make the old school well past its use by date.
But this was never just about a new school. It was more than that. It was about providing an opportunity to lift the educational hopes and aspirations of the people of Bass Coast.
We deserved a school that was fit for modern day teaching methods, equipment and buildings that will enable each student to reach their full potential and the teachers the opportunity to reach new professional standards.
The people of Bass Coast marched with their feet and forced the government into making a decision. The squeaky wheel was finally heard. It has certainly provided a blueprint for others that are seeking government funding. People can’t be ignored forever and at some point of time the political motivations and the needs of an area align.
The political football has finally been kicked through the goals and I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts from our local community. Now for the hospital!
Brian Paynter MP for Bass.