A LARGE group of Grantville shooters headed up to Bendigo over the last weekend to contest the District Rifle Association Teams Event. Unfortunately the Grantville locals just missed out on first placing, being beaten by the Gippsland Rifle Association Team. At least this outcome indicates that target shooting is alive and well in the Gippsland region. In quite blustery conditions on the Bendigo range, each team shooter is assisted on the line by a coach who adjusts their rifle-scope settings according to the conditions at the time. This is altered for each and every shot. Neither the wind, nor the constant mirage, as seen through the scope lens, remain static, and the role of the coach is also to estimate this problem. The role of the shooter is to sight well onto the target over the three distances of 600, 700, and 900 yards, and then to squeeze off a good shot. This is not always as easy as it sounds.
Although her scores were unable to be counted, Grantville newbie and Cowes resident Debbie Barber, shooting in her first team shoot (an emergency in the ten person team), shot very well with her borrowed rifle. Debbie’s new and recently acquired target rifle was left at home, being not quite as suitable for the long distances shot over the weekend as the borrowed larger calibre rifle. Debbie has already made plans to remedy this problem in future. This annual teams shoot is usually won by Grantville shooters, and training begins again soon for next year’s event, as the overall team tally of 1616 was only 26 points short of the winning score. That small margin was essentially lost at the 900 yard distance, a task made easier for the winning team with more opportunities to practice at these long distances than the maximum 600 yards shot at the Grantville Range. The club has said that it makes no excuses, that the better team won on the day, and that the friendly rivalry continues.