IMAGINE visiting Corinella, Coronet Bay or Grantville at any time of evening to experience an outdoor gallery framed by the beautiful backdrop of Western Port.
The new Luminous Galleries project involves the installation of clusters of flat permanent lights in the parks of the Waterline towns and a program of community made artworks, all illuminated by light.
If you enjoyed Luminous Streets in April this year you might be interested in taking part in this new project, which is dreamed up by the Edge of Us community.
The Edge of Us is giving out grants to creative people of the Waterline to help them invent artworks for the new galleries. Eight $1200 grants and 10 $300 grants will be given out to artists and creative people who don’t call themselves artists, as long as they live in one of the five towns.
Co-artistic director Mary Sullivan said that like ‘stars in the ground’, the Luminous Gallery lights will be installed in the form of constellations and serve as a canvas onto which people can construct artworks to make an ever-changing night-time gallery space.
“We wanted to pick up on the successful aspects of Luminous Streets, and community feedback told us that people wanted something more permanent that would live beyond the Edge of Us project.”
The Luminous Galleries are being made with the objective of growing evening visitation and greater community interaction.
“We hope that the grant process will inspire people as to what is possible on a small budget and support residents to use the lights on a continual basis.”
Co-artistic director, Jessica Wilson said successful ideas will be ones that are inspired by the sites or local story and involve the participation of others.
“At this stage the EOU only wants a simple draft idea, so get out your pencils and have a go.
“Ideas for sculptures can be beautiful, strange, whacky or sophisticated. We are open to any ideas that will work once illuminated by light”.
For more information you can go to or come along to an information session on Sunday, November 5 from 2pm to 4pm at the Corinella and District Community Centre.
The Edge of Us is one of six Small Town Transformation projects statewide.
The Small Town Transformation projects are a Victorian Government Initiative managed by Regional Arts Victoria.