My partner and I moved to Korumburra in early 2017 to escape the now fairly hectic pace of the Mornington Peninsula. We have enjoyed the lifestyle down here and the friendliness of the people.
One major concern however it is number of trucks traveling daily through our region and it’s particularly bad through Korumburra where several accidents have occurred near the top hotel because of the road alignment.
Already the number of trucks on the South Gippsland Highway is having a serious effect on the quality of the surface with potholes rapidly appearing even on new sections of the road.
We recently became aware of a proposed broiler farm to be built between Pit Road and Leongatha-Yarragon Road, Wooreen. This is expected to house approximately 400,000 chickens which would be placed in 10 large sheds and then transported to Somerville.
It our opinion this is more an industrial operation than a farm business. And it not appropriate for the scenic Wooreen area.
If this project is approved, at least 400 semi-trailers or B-doubles would be added to an already overstretched local road and highway system in South Gippsland increasing the likelihood of serious accidents or potential fatalities.
The proponents of the application has stated that there is little chance of pollutants escaping from the facility into the air or flowing into nearby creeks because they will be installing the latest technology and sealing the sheds. However it is quite possible pollutants will still escape and potentially damage surrounding properties.
It is important to consider that there an several organic farms near the applicants site and any sort of pollution could destroy the viability of these businesses by ending their organic certification.
Since coming to South Gippsland we have been in awe of the beautiful scenery here. Tourism is already very important in this area of Victoria and needs to be encouraged further. Approving a broiler farm is more likely to deter tourists and help to ensure they don’t come back. Potential pollution to the surrounding area and increase road dangers posed by hundreds of extra trucks and B-double on our roads are compelling reasons for Council to reject this application.
Also because of increased damage to road surfaces we will all pay extra through our car registration and council rates. Finally there is virtually no employment benefits for local people as only a couple of permanent jobs will be created. Contractors and truck driver are likely to come from outside the area. For all the above reason I urge Council to reject this broiler farm application.
Keith Marsh, Korumburra.