I read with interest Bruce Gibson’s letter to the editor supporting the joy flight operation on Inverloch farmland, an application recently rejected by the Bass Coast Shire Council.
Mr Gibson speaks only for himself and not the families who live within 500 metres from the proposed site to operate joy flights.
These include young families with children who have moved to lifestyle properties to enjoy a quiet and peaceful existence for many years to come.
Mr Gibson has been around for a very, very long time and has been lucky to have fully appreciated the peaceful lifestyle others now aspire to enjoy.
All the other neighbours, except one absent property owner, did not want to put up with the continuous noise created by numerous daily flights of small aircraft and helicopters – which were mentioned in correspondence between the applicant and the council, but not mentioned in the application.
The councillors listened, heard their concerns and sensibly rejected the application.
Small regional airfields are under threat, as seen in the news recently, and there is one at Leongatha South.
It would be very community-minded to support this facility by operating the joy flights from there – after all, it is only a few minutes away from Inverloch.
A Gregorich, Inverloch.