Greg Edwards serves one up in the opening match of the new tennis season at Koonwarra last Saturday. M424117

THE weather was fine and mild for the opening round of the Allambee Mirboo and District Tennis Association season for 2017-18.
Inverloch started the season in emphatic style winning its match 9/0 with the tiebreakers going their way as well.
Phillip Island won well against Leongatha, the first mixed being the only set won by Leongatha.
There are a few new names in Section 1 this season, which makes for a good season.
Hallston continued on from last season with a close match against Korumburra. Young players in both teams and tiebreakers each way.
Hallston won by 6 games, sets 5/4 to Korumburra.
“This is the first time I have seen Renae Littlejohn’s name amongst the tennis scoresheets,” said the association scorer this week, referring to Leongatha Gold’s match against Koonwarra in Section Two.
“There is nothing Renae doesn’t lend a hand to. Well done.”
The young Leongatha Green side won 2 sets against the experienced Outtrim team. The first round was a good hit for the teams.
Outtrim will be very competitive again this season.
Berry’s Creek were winners against Baromi. Well done to Tamsin McCormick playing in Section 2.
Koony won the match against Leongatha Gold. An all-round good game out at Koonwarra this week.
Lots of new names in the Baromi and Leongatha Federer teams in Section 3 this season. Leongatha Federer won well but a 6/5 in the ladies singles and an 8/7 in a mixed set made for some great tennis.
Well played to all players.
Mardan unfortunately had to forfeit, let’s hope there are some fill-ins to fill the gaps.
Allambee Mirboo & District Tennis results:
Section 1 results: Inverloch 9.72 defeated Koonwarra 0.31, Phillip Island 6.69 defeated Leongatha 1.28, Korumburra 7.62 defeated Leongatha North 2.23.
Ladder: Inverloch 11, Phillip Island 10, Korumburra 9, Leongatha North 2, Leongatha 1, Koonwarra 0
Section 2 results: Berry’s Creek 7.65 defeated Baromi 2.35, Hallston 4.58 defeated Korumburra 5.52, Koonwarra 6.65 defeated Leongatha Gold 3.43, Outtrim 6.66 defeated Leongatha Green 3.42.
Ladder: Berry’s Creek 9, Outtrim 8, Koonwarra 8, Hallston 6, Korumburra 5, Leongatha Gold 3, Leongatha Green 3, Baromi 2
Section 3 results: Leongatha Federer 5.47 defeated Baromi 1.24, Leongatha Nadal v Mardan, FORFEIT by Mardan.
Ladder: Leongatha Federer 7, Leongatha Nadal*, Baromi 1, Mardan 0.