Two of the Jersey Breeders Club’s youngest members, Levi and Ava Privitera, enjoyed learning the parts of a dairy cow.

SPRING was in the air when club members enjoyed their latest farm discussion day on Sunday, September 10. Bushlea Jerseys kindly hosted the club at their Koonwarra property, for discussions on the anatomy of a dairy cow, and club members were lucky enough to have Phil Hentschke, a respected jersey breeder and holstein Australia classifier, travel down from Northern Victoria to officiate the day.
A large crowd from both South and Central Jersey Breeders clubs enjoyed Phil’s comprehensive breakdown on a dairy cow’s traits, explaining to many the desirable formation of what judges look for when judging an on-farm challenge in particular, and the difference to judging the same cow parading in a show. On-farm challenges have all of the traits listed and each trait gets judged on its own merit, with points being added up at the end to decide the winner. Many members found this very valuable and will take home this information to help them pick out their own teams to enter in the club’s own on-farm challenge later on in the year.
There were robust discussions on how to correctly identify desirable foot angle, and how thurls are the forgotten trait, with their importance on keeping the correct rump structure of 60 degrees from hip to thurl, then 40 degrees from thurl to pin, for example.
Keith and Wayne Kuhne kept back a selection of animals for club members to wander around. Some had extreme traits, making it easier for club members to pick out and discuss what would let them down in an on-farm challenge competition. There were members in attendance who had little experience in the ‘showing’ side of things, so this was a very valuable discussion and everyone said they had learnt a few things.
The SGJBC 2017 On Farm Challenge is planned for October 30, October 31, and November 1, 2017, with the presentation dinner to be on the evening of Wednesday, November 1. Roger Heath of “Wanstead Jerseys” is judging what will be the club’s biggest event for the year.
The club always welcome new members. Anyone who is interested should contact the Publicity Officer, Tanya Privitera, 0408 649 259, for further information.