The recent report that the former Korumburra Shire offices are to be sold to IGA must raise alarm; remember when the Korumburra saleyards were sold in a private transaction without tenders.
There were no adequate conditions placed on the sale by the council and soon after the saleyards were sold, they were closed down, and remained an eyesore at the entrance to the town and a planning nightmare for many, many years.
A lesson must be learnt and questions must be asked.
1. What is the sale price?
2. Will this building be demolished?
3. What will happen to the current IGA building? Will it be a vacant building with a vacant carpark for years to come like Murray Goulburn was for over a decade, before Burra Foods moved in?
4. What guarantees are in place for a new development on the shire offices site?
5. What happens to the art gallery and various other occupants?
6. There is sufficient land next to the old shire offices to build a huge supermarket for Korumburra and to have the art Gallery, library and other amenities next door that would add to the community hub. Why not leave the building in place and save ratepayers the cost of rehousing these community users?
The shire offices have an important value, socially and historically in Korumburra, and no business case has been made out for the sale of the building which is worth millions of dollars in term of its replacement cost given that it is built to withstand tremors and earthquakes that affect the area.
Alan McDonald, Bass.