A CORINELLA subdivision with 109 lots will have a park, following community unrest over the developer’s plans to ditch the park, create more lots, and in exchange pay an increased fee to council.
The planning application for the Heritage Bay estate, off Hughes Street and which faces the beach, was amended by developer LandGipps after 30 people objected to the plans to remove the park.
The original application saw it replaced with an additional eight blocks.
The revised version, including a park south-east of the estate and the removal of a road around the park, was unanimously approved by Bass Coast Shire councillors at their ordinary meeting on Wednesday.
The three Western Port ward councillors – Cr Clare Le Serve, Cr Bruce Kent and Cr Geoff Ellis – spoke positively of the estate.
Cr Kent said the amended plans showed a better location for the park, as it will be next to a café.
Cr Clare Le Serve acknowledged there had been controversy over the move to remove the park and said the community was caught unaware.
“We’re not talking about the subdivision here, we’re just talking about altering the green space,” she said.
“I think this is a better outcome, although I do feel quite concerned about the people who bought blocks around the original one where they thought they might have green space out the front of their lots.
“Now it’s been moved, but it is only a stroll away,” she said, adding that the ring road around the park would be removed so it can flow onto the foreshore area and walking track.”
Other ward councillors didn’t hold back on their thoughts about the subdivision.
Architect Cr Stephen Fullarton called it a “horrible” estate and Cr Michael Whelan said the addition of a park was like “putting lipstick on a pig”.
The 109 lots vary in size from 311sqm to 751sqm, with 43 lots between 400sqm and 499sqm and 58 lots between 500sqm and 599sqm.
Cr Fullarton said, “Fancy placing that in the middle of a holiday area like Corinella with tiny little blocks under 500sqm”.
Cr Whelan said, “This is a terrible subdivision and we’re doing that on Phillip Island as well, I just think it’s appalling.”
Council attached 52 conditions to the permit.