IN THE growing market of health and fitness, the Bass Coast area offers multiple outlets for gym goers which all have their own unique facilities and classes.
Tom Taylor is the owner and operator of TomFit gym in Inverloch, recently going into business for himself out of a shed on his family’s property.
TomFit has seen tremendous growth in the short time it has been in operation and now Tom is looking to expand the business. After purchasing a warehouse on Bear Street in the Inverloch industrial estate, Tom hopes to turn the space into a fully functioning gym. Tom has grown up in Inverloch and is looking forward to the prospect of opening a gym.
“I’ve lived in Inverloch my whole life and have always had a passion for the health and fitness industry, I left Wonthaggi Secondary College in year 10 to continue my schooling in Traralgon at SEDA College (Sports Education Development Australia).”
“I remember Mum and Dad would drop me at Mitre 10 every day at 5.50am to catch the bus over to the valley with the hope of one day being able to use my skills in the industry to better further the health and lifestyle choices of the Inverloch community.”
TomFit provides fitness classes as well as personal training sessions and boot camps. Tom hopes to provide 24 hour availability strictly for members at the new gym but adds that it’s just the norm these days.
“24 hour access is nothing new, plenty of gyms in this area use it and it works really well. The warehouse will be under 24 hour CCTV monitoring and I can access that at any time on my phone.”
However Tom explained that the 24 hour feature is more for members who can’t make it to the gym during office hours. “Usually the people using the 24 hour service are shift workers who can’t make it to the gym during office hours; it’s set up as a convenience for those types of people and to ensure they are also able to maintain their health and fitness.”
The gym will be fully equipped with all safety precautions and will meet all safety regulations. The gym is not a nightclub, there won’t be music pumping 24 hours a day seven days a week, all the music will be controlled in the locked office which is only accessible to the staff of TomFit.
The gym is a perfect opportunity to grow the health and fitness market in the Inverloch area and will provide a home base for local people to start their fitness journey.