On Saturday September 30 my son’s car trailer was stolen from Lohr Avenue Inverloch.
Yes it is just another theft, a house burglary… a car… a bicycle… whatever but for me…
I am angry and want revenge against the ‘losers’ who have stolen the trailer.
My son tragically died after falling from his bicycle just eight months ago. The trailer was due to go to his best friend and now it is gone to people who are not prepared to work, to save, to go without, to be able to buy what they want in their life. Instead they choose to steal, because they are just losers who will never achieve anything in their own right.
It is not the money that really makes me angry. It is the total disregard for people and their property. During the theft they also collapsed the carport it was housed in. So the total loss to me is in excess of $5000.
The bottom line is that I want to be able to sit in a court and tell these morons that the majority of us are honest and pay our own way. So I am not going to work my whole life so that you can steal from me without some retribution.
So people, if you see a new tandem trailer appear in your vicinity (see photo) then please ring Crime Stoppers or the Wonthaggi police. Note it has probably changed colour but it is a distinctive trailer probably the only one in Victoria.
If we recover the trailer it will send a strong message to these people that as a community we have had enough. The old cliché ‘do the crime do the time’.
The end result is that I want to prove to these people that we are better and bigger than they are and will always be so, and in the end we will win.
Bottom Line is ‘Let’s get these losers’.
Doug Oriander, Inverloch.