POLICE have cautioned drivers to choose safer locations when attempting u-turns on a highway or busy road and not to have their wheels turned towards on-coming traffic while sitting stationary, waiting to turn in the middle of the road.
Sergeant of police at the Leongatha Police Station Dale McCahon issued this warning after attending the scene of what could so easily have been a terrible accident, 5km east of Korumburra, last Friday.
“The car at the front of a line of traffic has stopped, quite within their rights, to make a u-turn. It wasn’t the safest of locations unfortunately but is was legal,” Sgt McCahon said.
“The car coming behind has stopped OK but the third car, towing a caravan, has been unable to stop.
“They’ve shunted the second car forward into the car waiting in the middle of the road and unfortunately, they’ve had their wheels turned towards the on-coming traffic and gone out into the path of a B-double truck heading in the other direction.
The truck was operated by a Leongatha transport firm, driven by a highly experienced local driver.
The front car has been extensively damaged in the collision and the second car was also wrecked in the accident.
The car, towing the caravan, escaped with only minor damage, being protected by a bull-bar.
“The occupants of the front car were thankfully OK but the people in the second car have been taken to hospital for observations. I understand they have either minor injuries or no injuries,” Sgt McCahon said.
“It’s an area where you are allowed to do a u-turn and there are driveways in the vicinity, so I imagine people do turn in from there but there would certainly be safer places to do a u-turn.
“It’s been a very lucky escape,” Sgt McCahon said.
The accident happened at 11am last Friday, September 29, on bends between Korumburra South Road and the Clair De Lune Vineyard, at the beginning of a busy long weekend. The road was dry at the time but there continued to be heavy traffic passing the site, going both ways.
As well as police, ambulance and salvage vehicles, CFA and road accident rescue from Korumburra and Ruby CFA, possibly as well as others, attended the scene which was cleared by about 12 noon.