Competing in the Korumburra versus Phillip Island A Grade match at Korumburra on Saturday were James Sage, and Belinda Whiteside of Korumburra and Suzie Jacobs and Nicole Walker of Phillip Island. M394317

Ben White of Phillip Island gets ready to return serve at Korumburra on Saturday. M404317

THE weather was cold and drizzly this week. There were close matches in Sections 1 and 2 with quite a few fill-ins.
Koony and Leongatha North had the close game in Section 1.
There were young players in both teams. Well done to these players enabling everyone to play and enjoy the game.
The other two matches had the same score. Inverloch winning seven sets against Leongatha and Phillip Island doing the same against Korumburra, both winning by quite a few games.
Two close games in Section 2. Leongatha Green won by six games but Leongatha Gold got the five sets. Outtrim winners by five games against Koonwarra even though Koonwarra won five sets. Baromi won well against Korumburra. Hallston and Berrys Creek called a wash out after arriving at the courts.
In Section 3, Leongatha Nadal won by 20 games and Leongatha Federer by 18 games. The Leongatha teams have started the season well. Mardan and Baromi will get the teams to combine better as the season progresses.
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SECTION 1: Koonwarra 5.57 defeated Leongatha North 4.45, Inverloch 7.64 defeated Leongatha 2.37, Phillip Island 7.64 defeated Korumburra 2.37.
Ladder: Phillip Island 22, Inverloch 22, Korumburra 20, Koonwarra 16, Leongatha North 14, Leongatha 5.
SECTION 2: Outtrim 4.59 defeated Koonwarra 5.54, Baromi 8.69 defeated Korumburra 1.39, Leongatha Green 4.58 defeated Leongatha Gold 5.52, Hallston v Berr’s Creek – washed out.
Ladder: Berrys Creek 24.5, Koonwarra 21, Baromi 21, Hallston 20.5, Outtrim 17, Leongatha Gold 10, Leongatha Green 10, Korumburra 8.
SECTION 3: Leongatha Nadal 5.49 defeated Baromi 2.29, Leongatha Federer 6.48 defeated Mardan 1.30.
Ladder: Leongatha Federer 22, Leongatha Nadal 16, Mardan 7, Baromi 6.

SECTION 2 Doubles: Trafalgar Tigers 5-50 def Moe 4–38, Drouin Maroon 5-36 def Hallora 4–34, Warragul 5-46, def Drouin Gold 4–42, Poowong 6-41, def Buln Buln 3–29, Trafalgar Lions 4-40, def Neerim District 5-39.
Ladder: Trafalgar Tigers 29 237.31, Poowong 28 190.91, Hallora 23 166.25, Drouin Maroon 18 116.51, Neerim District 16 98.33, Warragul 15 89.47, Moe 15 81.20, Drouin Gold 11 82.01, Trafalgar Lions 7 49.32, Buln Buln 3 38.93.